NEXT Co-Working Office

Atlanta, GA

The occupants of the space are a new generation with their unique needs. As such, the space requires new and innovative solutions. The nature of the workplace should promote contribution as much as individuality, thus creating a flexible space was one of the necessities. There were many steps to be taken while creating the right concept. The space had to promote and encourage innovation, areas that could secure ideas while also being open to engagement of others. Creating curiosity while respecting privacy. 


With such thoughts in mind, the idea of transparency was born. There are many elements that can control the transparency of the space, it doesn’t mean the space is open, nor does it mean it’s closed. It leaves a door open for interpretation while defining its borders. With the help of right products from Steelcase, the concept was implemented in all dimensions. As a compliment to this idea, the main office space is divided into three sections; Innovation Zone, Social Hub and Open Office. These spaces incorporate the clients’ requests and designers’ solutions in relation to functional needs.

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